Company Rules


N.Y.T.B.C. Dancer–Parent Contract


After reading through the entire Parent-Dancer Contract, both parent and dancer must sign and return the Acceptance Letter to a Director at the first rehearsal. If you have any questions about the Dance Company, the guidelines, or anything else at the studio, please email us at or call us at 630-373-2623.

School & Church Conflicts

All dancers need to submit a list of any school and/or church conflicts that they are aware of no later than the first rehearsal of the fall season. Any planned family vacations will also need to be submitted. We are asking that the dancers do not commit to more than 2 outside activities, this includes school activities and church activities. For example, if your child is in Band and Chorus that is two activities. We will only allow 6 excused absences for the year due to school activities. If your child is in more than two outside activities and requires more than 6 absences during the school year those additional absences will be unexcused. Any more than 2 unexcused absences between August and December or more than 2 unexcused absences between January and June will be grounds to be released from the company. If you leave the dance company during a season, you will not be allowed to return for 1 year. This does not apply if you leave at the end of a season. Family vacations are not automatically considered excused. Each dancer is allowed up to two weeks family vacation between August and December and two weeks between January and June. Any additional family vacations will be considered unexcused.

Competition & Performance Attendance

All competitions, workshops and performances are mandatory for company dancers. If you miss a competition or workshop, you will be removed from the dance company. If you have a conflict with a performance date, you must obtain permission to miss from the Director at least 2 weeks prior to the show date. All competitions and workshops will be chosen by the Artistic Director. If any dancer wants to do any additional competitions or workshops, they must get permission from the Artistic Director. Dancer is required to get approval from the Artistic Director prior to applying for Student Choreography. Unauthorized competition or workshop participation could result in removal from the company.

Company Studio Class Requirements

Mini Company (5-9 year olds)
One (1) Company class per week
Junior/Intermediate/Advanced Company (9+ years old)
Two (2) Ballet Classes (Cecchetti graded classes count as one)
One (1) Jazz or Contemporary Class
One (1) Hip Hop or Tap Class

Summer Requirements

If a dancer is planning to participate in Company the following school year, the minimum requirement will be to take one ballet class for at least four (4) weeks of summer.

Competition Requirements

N.Y.T.B.C. dancers in Junior/Intermediate/Advanced Company will attend 4 competitions and one workshop between August and July. N.Y.T.B.C. dancers in Mini Company will attend 2 competitions, and one workshop between August and July.

Again, competitions and workshops are mandatory for all dancers, summer workshop will be optional but if we do a summer national competition that will be mandatory. Mini Company will enter one group dance per class per competition andJunior/Intermediate/Advanced Company will enter three group dancers per competition. Solo, Duet and Trio entries are optional and must be approved by the director.

Performance Requirements

Local performances will occur periodically throughout the season. All dancers will be given the performance dates well in advance and are expected to attend. If a dancer cannot attend a performance, arrangements must be made at least 2 weeks in advance with Ms. Lynn. If a dancer misses more than one show, they can be removed from the company.


All competitions and shows will be local. At the first parents meeting of the season, in September, we will discuss dates for a local overnight and event in October and the local national competition or summer workshop we attend at the end of the season. All dancers are required to participate in both the local overnight and the local national competition.

Studio Class Attendance Requirements

Dancers must attend all their required technique classes and company rehearsals. If a dancer misses their required technique class for two weeks in a row they will be benched from company rehearsal, but will be required to attend the rehearsal. Technique classes can be made up, but not during one of their regularly scheduled technique classes. You must notify the studio of an absence at least 2 hours prior to class.

Studio Class Attire

Dancers must wear the appropriate attire for all of their scheduled technique classes. As the premier dancers in the studio, company dancers need to set the standard for the other dancers. This means wearing the appropriate leotards, tights and shoes for all classes.

Rehearsal Attendance

Dancers must attend all scheduled company rehearsals. Dancers are allowed to miss (2) rehearsals between Aug & Dec and (2) between Jan & June. A third miss during either of these periods could cause the dancer to be removed from the Dance Company. If a dancer is sick or injured for more than one week, they will need to bring in a doctor’s note giving them permission to return to dance. You must notify the studio at least 2 hours prior to rehearsal if you are not going to be there. The rehearsal prior to a competition or performance is mandatory. Any extra rehearsals prior to a performance or competition are mandatory. If you are not there, you will not be able to compete/perform.

Rehearsal Attire

Dancers must wear the appropriate attire for Company rehearsal. This is a leotard, tights, and jazz pants or shorts. Appropriate shoes must be worn for all dances. Required attire for all Company members includes:
Black jazz pants (if you need new ones, please order them through the studio)
Black jazz shorts (optional)
Dark-colored leotard
Skin-colored leotard
Beige tights
Company t-shirt
Beige jazz shoes
Other shoes as required (depending on choreography)

Company Payment Schedules

Junior/Intermediate/Advanced Company
Registration for Group Dance #1 (4 Competitions) $240.00
Registration for Group Dance #2 (4 Competitions) $240.00
Registration for Group Dance #3 (4 Competitions) $240.00
Registration for 1 Workshop $300.00
Costume Fees for 3 Competition Dances $225.00
Choreography Fees for 3 Competition Dances $120.00
***4 MONTHLY PAYMENTS: $341.25


Junior/Intermediate/Advanced Company Solo/Duet/Trio Fees**
Solo Price per student Duet Price per student Trio Price per student
Competition Registration Fee $420.00 $243.00 $212.00
Competition Choreography Fee $110.00 $55.00 $37.00
TOTAL FEES FOR SEASON: $105.00 $60.75 $53.00 
***4 MONTHLY PAYMENTS: $27.50 $13.75 $9.25


Other Required Items

(if you have them you do not need to order them)

Foundation Leotard $23.00
Company Leotard $36.00
Ballet Shoes $36.00
Jazz Shoes $35.00
Tights $10.00
Company Jacket* $68.00

* Company Jacket price may vary based on the one you pick. Jackets must be purchased by first-time Company members; however, if previous years’ jacket still fits returning Company members, they do NOT need to purchase a new jacket.
** Solo/Duet/Trio competition fees are only required if a dancer has opted to compete in the solo/duet/trio categories in addition to the group categories; solos are NOT mandatory for all dancers.
***Monthly payments are due by the 15th of each of the following months: August, September, October, and December. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY PAYMENT NOT PAID WITHIN 5 DAYS OF PAYMENT DATE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $15 LATE FEE.

Mini Company****
Cost per month
1 Mini Company Class Per Week $80.50
2 Mini Company Classes Per Week $142.00

****Monthly fee includes: 10 months of classes, 2 competition entry fee, 1 costume, 1 workshop, 1 company leotard, 1 company jacket. If you have a company jacket and leotard, your monthly cost will be reduced.

Registration Fee

There will be a $50.00 one-time registration fee to become a Company member at Mini level. There will be a $100.00 one-time registration fee to become a Company member at Junior/Intermediate/Advanced level.

If a dancer is returning to Company and has previously paid this registration fee the prior year, that student is NOT required to pay the fee again for the current year. If a dancer has no longer been participating in Company for a full year, or if a dancer quits Company mid-year, then that student WILL be required to pay the registration fee again to rejoin N.Y.T.B.C.

Tuition Discounts

All studio classes will be discounted for company members. N.Y.T.B.C. discount will be 15% off all studio classes with a maximum unlimited rate of $255.00 per month. Company rehearsal will be billed at the 1 hour class rate less the 15% discount (included in unlimited fee).


Costumes for the competition will be the same costumes used for recital when possible. The recital ballet production may require an additional costume purchase depending on which ballet is being performed. Dancers will be expected to purchase black jazz pants and leotard (girls) or t-shirt (boys) for performances and a company jacket. Sweat pants, jazz pants, tank tops & bags are optional and can be ordered through Front Street Dance.

Guest Choreographers and Guest Teachers

When a guest choreographer is brought in to set a dance piece on a group the fee from that choreographer will be divided amongst the dancers in the group as a onetime fee. Guest choreographers will be selected by the director and the type of dance they teach will also be selected by the director.

Solos, Duets, and Trios

N.Y.T.B.C. solos/duets/trios will be available with approval from Ms. Lynn. Ms. Lynn will select the choreographer for each solo/duet/trio. The choreography fee is $25.00 per ½ hour (divided by the number of dancers) unless an outside choreographer is brought in. That fee is then subject to change. The rehearsals will be in addition to your weekly classes. Once a solo/duet/trio is completed it will go into the regular rehearsal time and all additional rehearsal fees stop.

Solos/duets and trios will be performed at company performances and can be entered in competition. They will not be performed at the Holiday show. A ll company dancers will perform in the Spring Recital including solos duets and trios. Competition is not mandatory for a solos/duets/trios.


In the case that a parent has a complaint, they must call or set up an in-person meeting with the Artistic Director. All email complaints will be deleted; NO email complaints will be addressed or answered. All complaints presented via the phone or in person will be addressed immediately.