Competition Dance Company

N.Y.T.B.C. (Not Your Typical Ballet Company)


N.Y.T.B.C. focuses on fusing classical ballet technique with unexpected music and choreography to produce a truly extraordinary dance experience. Ideal for students who have had a few years’ dance training and are interested in becoming more “serious” dancers, students must audition for the team or be recommended/placed by an instructor to participate. N.Y.T.B.C. members perform at several competitions, participate in training workshops, and perform at local events throughout the year.

N.Y.T.B.C. Company Trips:

Each year, N.Y.T.B.C. members celebrate their hard work throughout the year with a Company Trip that provides them the unique opportunity to learn, perform, explore, and have fun in new and exciting venues a little bit further from the comforts of home.

2016 Disney World (Orlando, FL)
2015 Branson, MO
2014 New York City (NYC, NY)
2013 Disney World (Orlando, FL)