Classes at Front Street Dance

Terrific Tots

Designed for our youngest students (ages 2-3 years old), Terrific Tots introduces movement exploration, spatial awareness, and large motor skill development, as well as an exploration of music through movement and instruments. Shapes, colors and patterns will play a part of each child’s learning experience.

Tiny Dancer

Designed with our younger students (ages 3-4 years old), Tiny Dancer is a creative movement class which incorporates large motor skill development, spatial awareness, musicality, movement exploration, and imagination.  In addition, students are introduced to tap dance for the last 15 minutes of each class.


We teach the Cecchetti method of Ballet, which has been taught for many years in the Ballet world and is the same method practiced in many college programs and professional companies. This method also uses a structured syllabus that is known to progress students logically through Ballet technique from Beginner to Advanced levels.


Rhythmic and fun, Tap Dance strengthens students’ abilities to count and dance in time with music and increases footwork speed. Tap is also a great way to improve coordination in young dancers.

Tap/Ballet (Combination)

In Tap/Ballet Combination Classes, students have the opportunity to experience both Ballet and Tap instruction during each class.

Hip Hop

Fun, quick-paced, and energetic, Hip Hop dance finds its roots in street dancing. Students learn to coordinate movements with music and are encouraged to express themselves as individuals.

Cecchetti Program

A graded ballet program, the Cecchetti Program is offered to students by invitation only. Contact us for more information.


An improvised rhythmic dance style that often uses popular music, Jazz incorporates sharp and fluid movements to create a visually technical dance and style. Body isolations, stretching, turning, leaping, and technical steps are taught in this class.


Encompassing elements of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance, along with the use of tricks and turns, Contemporary Dance allows dancers to tell a story with their movements and gestures and learn to express their emotions through their dancing.

Musical Theater Dance

This is a great class for drama students between 8 and 12 years old. They will learn dances to songs from musicals as well as basic jazz skills that can be used for their upcoming drama performances.