Recital Summer 2017



Saturday, June 17th, 2017




Edison Middle School
Wheaton, IL

The 2017 Summer Recital will be performed in three Acts:

• Act 1: Cinderella Ballet
In a departure from the well-known Disney version, our excerpt from the Cinderella Ballet features the scene in which Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother and is taken into the enchanted forest. Once in the forest, Cinderella is greeted by Forest Fairies, representing the four seasons, who lovingly present Cinderella with a gift to prepare her for the Ball where she will meet and fall in love with her Prince.

• Act II: Class Showcase The culmination of months of practice, each class will perform dances to showcase the skills they’ve mastered in our tap, hip hop, and jazz classes.

• Act III: N.Y.T.B.C. With the experience of several local performances and competitions under their belt, N.Y.T.B.C. (Not Your Typical Ballet Company) performs to share their love of dance.

Each act is approximately 25 to 30 minutes long.